English Grammar Quiz

English Grammar Quiz is for all students of English. It was created mainly as a self-assessment. There are thousands of question items designed to challenge your understanding of English grammar. You can retake this quiz as many as you can because the questions presented will be different each time you take it. Sometimes more than one option is possible.

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I called Britney at home, but _____.

Olivia _____ going to the movies with her friends.

The valley _____ the town lies is heavily polluted.

They suddenly saw Claire _____ the room. They pushed his way _____ the crowd of people to get her.

She just turned away when I asked her. _____ she meant?

Anastasha _____ me that you’re thinking of moving out.

My grandmother _____ enjoys hill walking.

I can’t access the files. You _____ a password.

“I suppose you’ve heard the latest _____ to me.

There isn’t _____ traffic along the street where she lives.

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