English Modals Quiz

English Modals Quiz is for all students of English. It was created mainly as a self-assessment. There are thousands of question items designed to challenge your understanding of English grammar. You can retake this quiz as many as you can because the questions presented will be different each time you take it. Sometimes more than one option is possible.

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I _____ an interview because I had worked there before.

I can’t access the files. You _____ a password.

During the war, the police _____ arrest you for criticizing the government.

Nowadays it _____ cost a fortune to own a computer.

We _____ Iceland five times during the 1980s.

Despite yesterday’s typhoon, we _____ home in less than an hour.

Walking under the ladder _____ be unlucky.

He swam strongly and _____ cross the river easily, even though it was swollen by the heavy rain.

“While we’re in Kyoto shall we go and see Ichika?”

“But it’s been nearly 15 years since we last saw her. She _____ remember us.”

It’s the third time he’s been sculpturing this week. He _____ really enjoy it.

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