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English Nouns Quiz is for all students of English. It was created mainly as a self-assessment. There are thousands of question items designed to challenge your understanding of English grammar. You can retake this quiz as many as you can because the questions presented will be different each time you take it. Sometimes more than one option is possible.

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A new _____ is being built in front of our house.

The government has introduced _____.

Police _____ that Jonathan is in Turkey, although his exact whereabouts _____ unknown.

The council _____ postponed a decision on a new road, and many leading members of the opposing party _____ criticized the delay.

The company _____ doing a lot of _____ in South Korea.

The _____ faulty.

The _____ shoes were covered in mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into _____ car.

_____ has improved rapidly.

_____ has decreased critically due to the pandemic.

_____ thinks that Jason should be given the job.

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